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The curriculum at Gyananda has been designed to ensure holistic development through a diverse range of learning, enrichment and extra-curricular opportunities appropriate to each student’s unique stage of development.

Gyaananda School’s Montessori Program perfectly blends with Multiple intelligence theory, Waldorf, Reggio Emilia and Bloom’s Taxonomy which is in sync with the global trends and caters to individual learning styles.

Pre-Nursery: This level introduces the children to the learning of basic concepts like colours, shapes, moving on to learn about the environment.

Nursery: At this level, subject-based learning starts for the children. The activities of the curriculum will focus on developing Language, Math and Environmental skills.

Kindergarten: The child in this level will be nurture within the framework of a designed curriculum. The focus will remain on academic progress along with the honing of life skills and talents with full throttle development of senses, as senses are the gateway of further learning.

At the Primary level, we aim to impart outstanding early education which gives pupils a strong head-start in life. The students are provided with a challenging, yet joyous learning environment that instils inquisitiveness and creativity by exposing them to a variety of disciplines. While the focus is on development of language, phonetics and mathematics, it is augmented by a diverse range of activities that stimulate learning through an appropriate integration of their head, heart and hands. Further keeping in mind the need of the hour, we have planned E-Learning modules integrated in the school curriculum. This would not only reduce the burden of heavy bags but also foster the love for learning.