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Happenings @ Gyaananda School


School clean up day

The purpose of this event is to engage learners in a campus wide clean up event. Learners are asked to participate and reflect on the activity by creating a heightened awareness of responsibility towards community based on environmental issues and how everyone should be good stewards of the Earth.

This is a common drill conducted once a quarter for the entire school to enable healthy habit formation in children.


Teacher Training Workshops

The quality of teachers has a direct bearing on the quality of education imparted by a school. Teachers are the driving force of any institution and how these driving forces think and perceive their roles in the wonderful journey of teaching and learning is of paramount importance. Gyaananda school holds frequent Capacity Building Programs organised for its facilitators to improve their delivery mechanism as well as their knowledge base. Teachers embody culture and purpose of the school, and when properly supported and inspired, will transform schools with their energy and ideas around global learning. With such training and development programs we don’t intend for a shift of skills but shift of mindset towards this mighty task of being an educator.


Rakhi Tying @ BSF Camp